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Sources of the cover art for "Magitians Discovered

The cover art for all three volumes is taken from the graphics contained in the last appendix of Volume Two. This contains reconstructions of what the authors of the anonymous material might have been intending the circles that they describe to look like.

The cover of Volume One is a combination of the volcano graphic that you're supposed to draw within the circle combined with the contents of the two circles that you're supposed to draw. These consist of one circle drawn around the volcano drawing itself, and another circle making up the circle proper.

The cover of Volume Two is a variation of Scot's Discoverie circle altered in conformance with Sloane 313's description of Liber Juratus circles. While speculative, I believe that it's possible that the square circles in Scot's Discoverie were misinterpretations, with the original grimoire intending for the squares in the circle to be arranged as diamonds, with the corners facing the cardinal points.

The cover of Volume Three is a reconstruction of the circle given to summon the "Great Hunters of the North", who in my opinion make up the Wild Hunt. This circle was arrived at through combining the descriptions given in the chapter itself with the general instructions given on circle construction given in Chapter One of the ritual material, as well as with the seven fold circle of Juratus, given in Sloane 3854.

The instructions both in the Hunters chapter and in the first chapter refer to a circle divided into seven, and I take this not as referring to seven equal divisions, but instead as a reference to the Juratus system, where the circle is divided into eight, with the Northeast angle significantly being vacant, and given over to the planetary attribution of Saturn, which also rules the north angle.

The Juratus circle attributes the seven planets to seven of the eight angles of the eight fold divided circle. There's a significant possibility that the eighth angle, referring to the Northeast direction, was intended to corresponded to the world of the fixed stars.

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