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Sworn Book of Honorius

It was with pleasure that I received my copy of this translation by Joseph Peterson. Juratus is both foundational to magic in general, and also intersects with the anonymous Discoverie material.

Juratus and the Heptameron are the subject of several chapters in the first volume of "Magitians Discovered", where the tradition of aerial spirits is examined and traced from Juratis through the Heptameron to the anonymous material. In putting these chapters together I drew both from Driscoll's "Sworn Book of Honorius the Magician" as well as cited Peterson's transcriptions and partial translations of Sloane 3854 available on the web. While Peterson's work was cited, it was not quoted.

Both the "Sworn Book" and the "Book of Oberon" overlap with the anonymous material, in that one of the theses of the analysis is that at least one of the manuscripts that lead to the anonymous rituals from the 1665 edition partook of a tradition that could be described as a "Proto-Heptameron". This document would have featured both material from Juratus which was not included in the finished Heptameron as well as more familiar material. The "Book of Oberon" features a similar mixture in it's "Office of the Spirits".

In this, the Heptameron conjurations are reproduced, but these are supplemented with descriptions of the spirits that are drawn from Juratus, which are reproduced in Peterson's edition, but do not appear in pseudo-Agrippa's "Fourth Book".

Also, "The Book of Oberon" provides evidence for the existence of "Book of Raziel" material in the manuscript tradition as well, something that was speculated on in the chapter devoted to looking at "The Book of Raziel" in relation to the anonymous material.

I urge people who have bought "Magitians Discovered" to check out Peterson's "Sworn Book of Honorius", and, likewise, those who have read Peterson's "Sworn Book" to look at Volume One of "The Magitians Discovered".

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