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"Magitians Discovered" and practice

While "The Magitians Discovered" presents a scholarly background to the work of the anonymous authors of the material added to the 1665 edition of the "Discoverie of Witchcraft", it's practical as well.

The anonymous material contains both a treatise on ghosts, elementals, and demons, and nine chapters of ritual and ritual preparation. Volume Two also contains Reginald Scot's original "Book XV" of the "Discoverie of Witchcraft", which includes instructions on summoning spirits into crystals, and calling up spirits of the dead. Also included is "Book XII", of the original "Discoverie", devoted to amulets and talismans, which are mostly for healing and protection. Volume Two also contains "One Hundred Aphorisms on Natural Magic", a document translated by one of the compilers of the anonymous material which deals with sympathetic and natural magic.

While Volume One is an analysis of the anonymous texts as a whole, part of that analysis is looking at the origins of the magic in the rituals. This relates to Liber Juratus and the Heptameron, as well as to Liber Razielis

Volume Three presents excerpts from the texts that the anonymous ritual material either directly quotes or cites, as well as historical material relating to the ideas. The practical parts of Volume Three include excerpts from the Heptameron, Pseudo-Agrippa's Fourth Book, and Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy". The latter are divided into practical and theoretical selections, with the practical excerpts from the "Three Books" combined into one chapter.

The names of many of the Genii that the anonymous text recommends working with are derived from John Dee's journals published in "A True & Faithful Relation". Volume Three gives excerpts from "A True & Faithful Relation" that contain the sections from which the authors drew the names of the Genii, providing context.

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