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Here's a YouTube talk the author gave on the nature of aerial spirits in relation to the 1665 "Discoverie of Witchcraft" and "The Magitians Discovered"

2016-07-17 04:45:19

I'm pleased to offer this interview conducted by Seattle area gnostic and grimoire magician Michael Strojan with John Madziarczyk about "The Magitians Discovered":

2016-05-31 03:34:44

It was with pleasure that I received my copy of this translation by Joseph Peterson. Juratus is both foundational to magic in general, and also intersects with the anonymous Discoverie material.

2016-04-28 21:33:10

Sources of the cover art for "Magitians Discovered

2016-04-15 20:22:06

Witchvox Announcement

2016-04-15 02:18:06

"Magitians Discovered" and pre-Golden Dawn Magic

2016-04-05 02:10:45

The core of "Magitians Discovered", part 3

2016-04-05 01:57:17

The core of "Magitians Discovered", part 2

2016-04-05 01:52:38

The core of "Magitians Discovered", part one

2014-10-16 03:53:19

"Magitians Discovered" and practice

2014-10-16 03:22:11

Sibly and the "Discoverie"

2014-10-14 22:56:35

"The Station of Man in the Universe"

2014-10-14 22:55:43

Sibly and "The Station of Man"

2014-10-14 22:52:51


2014-10-14 22:51:01


2014-10-14 15:26:57

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