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The Magitians Discovered
Volume One

Magitians Cover

By John Madziarczyk.

The Magitians Discovered” Volume 1 analyzes who the authors of the anonymous material were, their worldview, and what their motivations were in compiling and adding the anonymous material as well as the cultural context of the material. It deals with topics such as how the work of John Dee was regarded by thinkers in the 17th century, antiquarian history in general, and the historical school of Swedish Gothicism, and how these were used by the anonymous authors.

It also deals with the tradition of aerial spirits used in Liber Juratis and the Heptameron, as well as with the tradition of the Shem-ha-mephoresch in magic, including an analysis of the Semiforas' in "Liber Razielis".

Other topics include Scottish fairy lore, Paracelsan medicine and metaphysics, corpse or mumial medicine, and 17th century theories on the Antediluvian world, the Prisca Theologia, the Book of Raziel, and the nature of Giants.

354 pages with illustrations.
Volume one is available in trade paperback and hardcover.

Paperback: $24

Hardcover: $56

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