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The Magitians Discovered

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The Magitians Discovered is a three volume set that deals with Reginald Scot's "Discoverie of Witchcraft. Below is a recent YouTube talk by the author about the Discoverie and the nature of aerial spirits in relation to the 1665 material.

"Gil Pragma Burthon Macbatan Dennah, We are the Three Mighty Hunters of the North, in the Kingdom of Fiacim"

In 1665 an anonymous treatise was added to a book skeptical of witchcraft. That book, “The Discoverie of Witchcraft”, compiled by Reginald Scot and published in 1584, defended those accused of witchcraft. It also included so many examples of rituals and charms that it became popular with magical practitioners themselves. Although the “Discoverie” has since been reprinted several times, the anonymous material has not been available for over a hundred years. This material features a combination of ceremonial magic, Paracelsian thought, pagan folk rituals, and spirits from John Dee's “A True & Faithful Relation”, all mixed into a synthetic whole.

The edition of Reginald Scot's "Discoverie of Witchcraft" currently in print does not include the anonymous material from the 1665 edition. Neither does it include Reginald Scot's original "Discourse on Devils and Spirits", which has also been reproduced in "Magitians Discovered".

The Magitians Discovered" consists of
Volume 1: The Analysis of the Whole
Volume 2: The Core Texts
Volume 3: Supplementary Texts from the Period that put the Core Texts in Context

The anonymous material consists of a treatise on the nature of ghosts, elemental spirits and demons, and sympathetic magic, as well as nine chapters of ritual material. These include a ritual to summon the Wild Hunt, a ritual to summon a thunder elemental from the mountains of Norway, instructions on how to summon a personal genius, aerial spirits in general, and how to construct an imaginary magic circle. The ritual material also includes a picturesque account of a reanimation of a corpse that proved to be much used in subsequent English occult publications.


Volume One: Paperback, $24. Hardcover $56
Volume Two: Paperback $27, Hardcover $60
Volume Three: Paperback $24, Hardcover $56

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