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The Magitians Discovered
Volume Two

Magitians Cover

edited by John Madziarczyk

The Magitians Discovered”  Volume 2 consists of the anonymous material added to the 1665 edition of the Discoverie of Witchcraft, Scot's also out of print "Discourse on Devils and Spirits", along with the sections from Scot's original “Discoverie” that deal with ritual magic, talismans, and amulets. The anonymous material consists of a treatise on the nature of ghosts, elemental spirits and demons, and sympathetic magic, as well as nine chapters of ritual material. These include a ritual to summon the Wild Hunt, a ritual to summon a thunder elemental from the mountains of Norway, instructions on how to summon a personal genius, aerial spirits in general, and how to construct an imaginary magic circle. The ritual material also includes a picturesque account of a reanimation of a corpse that proved to be much used in subsequent English occult publications.

The selections from Scot's original Discoverie that are included contain instructions for summoning the demons and spirits into crystals, summoning the fairy Sibyllia, a ritual for finding treasure, rituals for calling up the spirits of the dead and binding them in crystals, sections from Johan Weyer's "Pseudomonarchia Daemonum", as well as instructions on constructing amulets for healing and protection drawn from the tradition of Christian folk magic.

This is supplemented by excerpts from two works believed to be written and translated by one of the authors of the anonymous material. The first excerpts are from a treatise on mumial or corpse medicine translated by one of the authors. These include one hundred aphorisms on natural magic, which are derived from the thought of Paracelsus, Ficino, and Robert Fludd, as well as Twelve Conclusions on the nature of the body and the soul related to the aphorisms.

The second work that is excerpted from is an antiquarian dictionary compiled by the author which has many entries with esoteric content. Dealing with Scotland and Scottish place names, the work ranges far and gives unique descriptions of Greco-Roman pagan gods in relation to the Scottish Antiquarian school of history, as well as antiquarian origin stories about the Scots. The excerpts preserve the esoteric content of the work, as well as the relevant antiquarian sections, while not including more prosaic entries.

418 pages, with illustrations that include example circles based on the anonymous material.
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